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✎, ✍?

✎: A blog I think has wonderful writing!

Now that’s easy, definitely zophiwen. I love everyone’s writing that I RP with, it’s a very personal sort of thing, but I really enjoy the stylistic approach the mun takes, it’s…very stream of thought-ish, you know? I like that, it makes for a fast-paced read, just a barrage of thoughts flowing and just—it’s great. Zophiwen as a character became very grounded very quickly because of the drabbles the mun writes.

✍: A blog I think has amazing artwork!

lycannalla! From sketches to gifs, I just really enjoy seeing what comes up. Indes’ facial expressions are perfect, btw, and in gif form they’re even better.

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  1. lycannalla said: [[ aaaaaaahhh thank you! :D I’m so glad you enjoy my art and silly gifs! ]]
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